New products :



The Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) VUSSIL are produced by a vacuum métallization deposit on a support. The global transparency is very little spoild and close to the substrate's transparency.
VUSSIL ITO offers a very good compromise between cost, transparency and attenuation. Earthing can be ensured by a conductive varnish known under the name bus bar. In particular configurations VUSSIL ITO can be used as a heater.



CAPCEM was developed to answer a simple request, and adapted to the individual shielding of the radiant components (with fast logic and HF) on printed circuits or different. It is appropriate for small and medium series.
Flat manufactured with dotted lines of folding, not emerging. It can be provided with legs and welded at the same time as the other components.



Shielding of buildings and large areas against high frequency electromagnetic waves can be ensured by covering the walls with ISOCEM which confers a very good shielding effiency against pollution by the radio waves (antennas GSM, radar, wifi, etc...). Thus equipped buildings are faradized zones which protect people as well as the equipment. ISOCEM also avoids radioelectric hacking by reading of information resulting from the electronic materials (anticompromission).
ISOCEM is composed of a conductive face and a back paper, able to diffuse the vapor, tear-proof and flexible. It is easy to apply by joining. The installation is done free in and out, and the electric connection of the breadths is carried out with a conducting adhesive tape.



The MC SILAIR is made of a laser welded square aluminium cells (inner diameter 3.2 mm) panel inserted in a frame. Compared to the traditional honeycomb made of glued foils, this manufacture provides excellent attenuation, as the cell behaves in a perfect waveguide and eliminates the polarisation effect.
The attenuation levels range from 80 dB at 30 MHz to 120 dB at 1 GHz.
The SILAIR can receive a surface treatment guaranteeing a very effective corrosion protection.



TRISIL IP is composed of a tin-plated copper-high frequency gasket bond to a fluoro silicone seal by vulcanization.
This design provides two functions :
- Excellent resistance and sealing to aggressive corrosion,
- An optimal EMC continuity : from 100 to 120 dB from 1 MHz to 1 GHz.